You can Help Improve Studymono! Here's How to do So.

Okezie Chiedozie

17 May 2021

Studymono is a very new product. Our goal is to provide excellent resources that will students prepare for WAEC and JAMB. We work continuously to help make Studymono more and more helpful for students. There is one thing that can contribute greatly to the success of Studymono and that that is your feedback.

Why Your Feedback Matters

We are building Studymono, not for ourselves, but you. The features we work on and add to the product are intended to help you to prepare for all your examinations. We thus need feedback from our users to understand how to improve and serve you better. You can provide feedback to us either by sending an email to or by Twitter on our Twitter handle @Studymono

Requesting Features you Believe can Help Others

There are many forms of feedback that you can provide us with. The feedback that you provide to us can be a request for a feature. If there is something you will love to see on Studymono, you can always tell us about it. We will add such a feature if it is within our means.

Sometimes we come up with ideas, but don't implement those ideas on the website because we think the idea may not have an impact on the users. We can be wrong sometimes. If it does happen that many users request for us to add such a feature that we thought was not important, we will add such a feature to Studymono.

By suggesting features, you improve not only your experience but also that of those who will come years after you.

Criticism Works Too

We will like to know any reason why you believe that Studymono has not reached the standard for a useful educational resource. We will take all such responses seriously and will work towards fixing such issues. We believe that response from our users, whether positive or otherwise can go a long way to make Studymono the valuable resource we want it to be

You can Tell us Any Other Thing Too

The feedback you give us is not limited to feature requests and criticisms. We also want any other form of feedback from you about how our website works. You can tell us about your experience with the website or anything you think should be improved. You can write to us about anything.

We look forward to receiving a response from you soon. Your feedback to us is necessary to our growth. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter to get the latest news on what we are working on at Studymono.

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