Past Question Answers and Explanations are now Published on Studymono

Okezie Chiedozie

2 July 2021

Today is a day we have been looking forward to at Studymono. We are releasing answers and explanations to WAEC and JAMB past questions on Studymono. This launch is a culmination of a month-long effort to add answers and explanations to the past questions on our website and we are really excited to have reached this great milestone.

Everything we do at Studymono is based on our vision of being a helpful educational resource for Nigerian students. This release is another step forward in the direction of our vision.

You can check your answers against ours

You can always come to Studymono to see the answer to a question that you have problems with. The answer that we have on Studymono will be a definite answer to your doubt. When you need further explanation to understand how we arrived at an answer, you can view the explanation we provide. The explanation is located just below the question.

Trust us, the answers are correct

We followed a rigorous process while adding answers and explanations to the past questions. We reviewed every single answer and explanation that is published on our website to make sure that misleading information is not fed to our users. So now, whenever you see an answer on Studymono, you can be just sure that it is correct.

One more thing

We made a tiny new addition to our site to make it easier for you to understand our explanations that involve calculations. We improved the way mathematical equations are displayed on Studymono so you can say goodbye to seeing things like x^4/2+2=9. This mathematics question is a perfect illustration of this awesome addition.

We hope that these changes will improve your experience on Studymono whether you are a student, a teacher, a parent, or a well-wisher. Visit the past questions homepage to see our answers and explanations.

Happy Solving!

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