Studymono Will Soon Have Answers to Past Questions

Okezie Chiedozie

10 June 2021


It has been almost a month since we launched Studymono. I must say that this period has been both exciting and stressful. We have been making some minor and major changes to the website to make it work better. We added a feature that allows us to have well displayed mathematical equations(you will hear more from us about that feature soon).

A Quick Recap on What Studymono is

We love to call Studymono a collection of "Educational Resources for Nigerian Students". On Studymono, we have past questions from Nigeria's most important examinations for Secondary School Students: WAEC and JAMB.

On this website, you can filter the past questions by the subject and exam. For example, if you want to see Mathematics past questions, you can select it from the past questions page. If you wish to see Mathematics questions from just WAEC, you can select WAEC from the past questions page and select Mathematics from the list of subjects presented. We make it that easy for you to see the past questions that you want to see.

Now that we have explained what Studymono is, let's proceed to the main gist of today.

The Big News

Right now, the most important item on our agenda is the addition of answers to the past questions. We know that past questions on their own without the answers may not be sufficient for you to study effectively. That is what motivated us to start adding answers to the questions. Very soon, you will not just be able to see past questions. You will also be able to see the answers to verify your work.

When you Will Start Seeing the Answers

We are just as curious as you are about when we will publish answers to past questions on Studymono. We cannot yet point to a particular date when they will be available on our website but we expect it to happen around three weeks from now.

The main reason for the temporary delay in the publishing of answers is the process our answers pass through before they get released on Studymono. This process plays a large role in quality assurance. We wouldn't want to have even the slightest mistake in the answers that we give to questions on Studymono because a single question could make the difference between a student reaching a cut-off mark and a student missing it. Because the stakes are high, we make sure that every answer published is correct to reduce wrong answers.

That's all the news we have for now. In the next few weeks, you will start seeing answers to the past questions on Studymono. We look forward to seeing you soon. Have fun studying!

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